Husson University's new facility will train next generation of nurses

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) A new facility on Husson University's campus is offering experiential learning to students through innovative technologies.

As if blinking and breathing weren't enough, these life-like mannequins can also have seizures, vomit, and cry.

Diane Jenks, Simulation Coordinator says, "We can mimic the disease states. We can mimic all of the signs and symptoms. And, we can have the students figure out the best way to treat these patients."

Husson University's new Wellness Learning Center will help train the next generation of nurses.

Nick Eddy, a nursing student at Husson says, "Experiential learning like this will give every student who goes through our healthcare programs the confidence they need to successfully help patients and reassure them."

Faculty say this new technology puts Husson University on the map as a top tier school for nursing.

Jenks says, "I think having this new facility sets us way apart. Medical knowledge increases exponentially every year. So, we can expand our learning, we can give them new experiences."

This building not only increases educational opportunities for students, it also helps with their physical and mental well-being.

Student Health Services and Counseling Services are also housed in the new Wellness Learning Center offering students inexpensive health-care and free counseling services

Jackie Ireland, Clinical Coordinator, Student Health Services says, "It's very important for us to be readily available to services for students no matter their need. And certainly in today's society, we have an increase in students who are experiencing challenges such as, anxiety, depression, and things and they need to talk about things that are challenging them."

The university isn't slowing down. They are continuing to expand by adding a new facility for the College of Business.

Construction is set to begin on that next spring.