Husson University holding film screening and panel on dangers of party culture

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - If They Had Known.

That's the name of a documentary being screened at Husson University Wednesday night.

Clincial Director of Student Health Services Jackie Ireland says it's a film that should be shared.

The story of Clay Soper is told by his friends.

He was almost 20 when he accidentally died from a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol.

In the documentary, his friends talk about the common mistake they made by leaving Soper to sleep off his intoxication.

We spoke to two Husson nursing students about why they say it's critical for everyone to see this film.

"And knowing anytime that you're going to put that, you're going to put that prescription medication in your mouth, this could be a possible consequence," said Katherine Bryant, a nursing student at Husson.

"Just call for help. Whatever the situation is and that could be life or death for your friend," said Danielle Graham, also a nursing student at Husson.

"We really are here to service students any way we can, so we want you to be safe, and we want you to have the information you need to make safe decisions," said Ireland.

There will be a panel of health professionals following the 7pm screening at the Gracie Theater.

The group of eight experts will focus on party culture and health issues stemming from mixing drugs and alcohol.