Husson University preparing students for an "augmented" reality

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Students are often told things will be different when they enter the "real world."

Husson University is preparing its students for an "augmented" reality.

"I want to live in a virtual world. I know that's crazy."

Or is it? Job postings for Virtual Reality Specialists have seen significant growth in recent years according to job search website

"Today we're demonstrating augmented reality using Microsoft HoloLens."

Students in the Husson University Technology Club showcased one of two HoloLens devices recently purchased by the school.

"Augmented reality is about changing the world that you're currently in. Overlaying images or videos onto this world and giving you that experience."

"In the fall, we plan on trying to offer some augmented reality classes. So students can learn things like how to program in augmented reality, how to design graphics in augmented reality."

"It's good for people to know about this because it's coming."

"Businesses are beginning to use it. IKEA uses it to show you where could you put this sofa you want to buy or the chair, in your own environment."

The technology still has some limitations, but both students and staff at Husson see a bright future.

"I want my students to be able to go into the workforce feeling confident in their abilities and knowing what is right there and available. Where can you take the business you work for to the next level."

"I would not be surprised if somewhere later down the line, I'm working for some company and just suddenly they're talking about, 'okay guys, we gotta integrate virtual reality into our business.'"