Husson Helps New Students Through Eagle Week

Published: Aug. 23, 2017 at 4:55 PM EDT
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It's Eagle Week at Husson University.

The week-long program gives students a chance to prepare for college life.

Events this week include team building exercises, a trip to the Orono Bog Walk, and information sessions about academic programs.

Students also meet with recent alumni to find out about what to expect.

James Westhoff, Director of Career Services says, "We're asking them questions like: How did they select their major when they were here? What were the best things that they took part in on-campus? What helped them get through college? How did they choose their career field? And what they're doing now, how did they get there?"

Cody Giles, an alumnus says, "With the new students I think it's kind of a hard choice to kind of grasp what they want to do in life and kind of bite the bullet and figure out kind of where they want to take their life so if I give them a better insight as to what I do and what Business Administration has to offer hopefully that might point them in the right direction."

The program is required for international students and recommended for students who haven't chosen majors.