Hundreds participate in annual Wicked Muddy Mainer

Published: Jul. 11, 2020 at 1:41 PM EDT
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It was a wet, sticky, muddy day for the annual event that draws in folks from all walks of life.

Runners have to run, climb, and swim through the course.

While most races have been canceled due to the pandemic organizers of the Wicked Muddy Mainer made it their mission to provide a safe, fun experience for everyone.

Ashely Thorngon, the event coordinator said, "There were a lot of different guidelines and regulations that we wanted to look at. There aren't any specific to obstacle course races so we had to look at a bunch of different ones and try to include all of them."

They also made sure to sanitize and include face masks.

She said, "We are providing buffs for everybody if they can't stay 6 feet apart then they need to use this as a face mask. We have sanitation stations at each obstacle. We are also sanitizing all the high touch points regularly. We have chlorinated all the water holes which is funny because it is mud."

They also made sure to stagger start times to keep runners separated.

Max Grover said, "I liked that they had a lot of safety features. A lot of chlorine tablets and it was spaced out a lot so it made me feel safe and the rain made it a lot muddier and lived up to the name Wicked Muddy Mainer for sure."

Ashey said, "You can tell that the moral is just really high and even though it is pouring out they don't care because it is just so fun to go out and do something."

Mariette Hanlon said, "As a runner, we needed this today and I felt like the water was this cleansing, like a new beginning. It was amazing."

"Wicked Muddy Mainer!"