Hundreds of high school students come to capitol to learn how government works

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Hundreds of high school students from across the state were in the State House today learning about how their state government works.

Taking on different roles in government, they wrote, debated, and voted on bills of their own.

The program is open to students from ninth through twelth grade, and give them an opportunity to better understand politics.

"When you go back to your school and your community. You have learned the proper way to make change in your community, a positive way to make change. If there's a school board policy you don't like, now you know how to write a policy. You know how to testify in front of a committee, you know how to try to get people to support your idea. And then take it forward and get it implemented," said Lonney Steeves, the Director of YMCA Youth and Government Program.

For information on next year's Maine Youth and Goverment Program, you can visit