Hundreds gather in Bangor to rally against current immigration policies

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BANGOR, Maine. (WABI) - Several hundred people gathered Saturday in Bangor for a rally against current immigration policies.

The “Families belong together” rally in Cascade Park was part of a nationwide day of action.

Thousands of rallies took place across the country asking the trump administration to permanently end immigration laws... like family separation and immediately reunite families that have been separated.

Many community members spoke at the rally

Organizers say they feel it's an issue that touches people for many reasons.

Rally Organizer, Aubrae Filipiak, said, "I can speak to why it touches me. I'm a mother of a 2 1/2-year-old child and every image I see and every story I read of a family being torn apart and a child being taken away from their parent, is my child. It's my story. It's my family. And I can't stand idly by. I hope that the message continues to be amplified and that people use their voices to keep speaking."

Organizers asked people to attending to contact lawmakers after the rally.