Humane Society Waterville gets creative in order to raise funds to stay open

WATERVILLE, Maine. (WABI)- "We want to get as much money as possible because if the shelter shuts down because there's not enough money a lot of people are going to be affected that you wouldn't realize."

Folks at the Humane Society Waterville Area were dancing and singing with puppies and kittens in order to raise funds.

We are told the Humane Society needs $250,000 dollars in order to stay open.

Staff, board members, and volunteers all came together to create a viral video to help raise the money.

"We're so excited to have so many people from the community here and just being aware of what's going on and for everybody to see it and share it all over the place is so exciting."

Over one hundred animals reside at the shelter.

"The fact that we constantly need funding not just once in a while. But also we want everybody to see how fantastic our animals are, how fantastic our community is and how everybody rallies around and of course, we want to raise some money as well."

Kennedy says folks in the area will be greatly affected if they do shut down.

"Sometimes people don't realize how much a shelter does for a community. Spay and neuter clinics, vaccinations, all of that they do here. So, the entire community will really be affected if it were to be shut down."