Hulls Cove Visitor Center at Acadia National Park closed due to renovations

BAR HARBOR, Maine (WABI) - "There are days where the lines of visitors leave the visitors' center and go all the way down to the bottom of 52 stairs."

Acadia National Park visitors this year can expect to see some big changes to the Hulls Cove Visitor Center.

The center has been undergoing a one-point-two million dollar renovation to help relieve summer congestion.

"It was built in a time where the park was seeing about 275,000 visitors per year, and now we are to over 3.5 million, so it was really not meeting the needs of the park or the visitors coming to visit us."

The project is being funded by park entry fees.

Visitors that have been to the center before can expect to see a completely new space along with a book store taking the place of the old theatre.

"You still will be able to see the film, but it will be a way that folks can access the film on their personal devices, so like a phone or a computer."

It will have new entrances and easy access to ticket sales and information.

"So we are really hoping to improve the visitor's experience with the openness and sort of the clarity of where you need to go based on what you need."

We're told visitors would often complain about heat and noise from inside the building.

"We often said the Visitor Center, you couldn't see it, you couldn't heat it, and you couldn't cool it. You still kind of can't see it, but I know they have done some things in the Visitor Center to help keep it cooler."

"There was a real noise problem in the space when it was filled with one-hundred, two-hundred people. It was very difficult for the rangers to impart the information to the visitors. So we really paid attention to trying to mitigate noise in here and try to do it in a beautiful way."

An opening date for Hulls Cove Visitor Center has not been set, but we're told it will be later this summer.

Visitors should also take note that sections of the Park Loop Road are not yet open to vehicles due to snow and ice.