Hospitality industry hopes for quick and safe reopening

Published: May. 4, 2020 at 4:20 PM EDT
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The hospitality industry is planning for when the state allows their members to resume more of their operations.

President and CEO of Hospitality Maine Steve Hewins says restaurants, hotels, and other businesses want to reopen quickly, but safely.

The nonprofit trade group submitted a four stage plan for the state to incorporate into a checklist for industry businesses to reopen.

The focus is on enhancing safety and sanitation protocols, something Hewins says the industry was already focused on prior to COVID-19.

He says they can’t truly start preparing until the checklists are released.

“The number one issue right now is to get the initial checklist out so our industry knows what’s expected of us. Until then, you got a lot of people talking about different things, many of which I know are going to be in the plan, but nothing can start until the governor gives us the go ahead. When she does, I think you’re going to see a fast mobilization of people to try to get this thing underway.”

He is also hopeful regions of the state less affected by the virus can reopen faster.