Horse-drawn sleigh rolls up to McDonald's during snowstorm

FARMINGTON, Maine (WABI) - There was quite a sight in Farmington during Sunday's snowstorm.

"It was a beautiful winter day, and we had a foot and a half of snow. My husband bought me this sleigh for Christmas, and I figured it was a really great day to go out and just go for a sleigh ride."

Charlene Cushing, her husband, and her horse named "Air Force Grad" cruised through town in search of some hot cocoa.

"It was a little cold, but we had a blast. People were stopping and taking videos and everybody was waving as we were going by."

They decided to pull up to the drive-thru at McDonald's and warm up with some cocoa.

"I drive him around, stop, and I say, wait, this is going to get a reaction."

They waved to folks in town and visited with some local residents.

"We went through the McDonalds' drive-thru, then we went up through the town of Farmington past Trenton's, came back through and past UMF, then we went over to Pine Wood Terrace where my daughter works and visited the residents up there."

The sleigh is over one hundred years old.

"My husband refurbished the ends to make it adaptable to our harnesses and tried to make the shaves and everything a little more useful. It is an old sleigh. It definitely has a lot of years on it, but it is a beautiful sleigh."

Cushing is very attached to "Air Force Grad" and says he loves pulling the sleigh.

"He loves it. He loves work. He loves attention, and he loves people, and when he goes out there, his ears are always up."

Cushing and her husband own Cushing Stables in Farmington and many racehorses.

But, "Air Force Grad" has a special place in their hearts.

"They really do try and give their heart and souls to us. They are loved, they are our pride and joy."

"And he loves kisses."