Hit by car and missing, 18 days later Corinth dog returns home

CORINTH, Maine (WABI) - Back in March, a Corinth family feared the worst after their dog was hit by a car and she ran off.

Trixie was missing for almost three weeks, only to come home the day before Easter.

One recent April afternoon, she was barking at neighbors. It's a welcome sound along the Tate Road in Corinth. One Donna Bradford didn't think she'd hear again after after letting her dogs out one morning last month and getting a knock at her door.

"I met the lady at the door and she asked if they were my dogs, and I said yes and she said I hit a little brown one," Donna said. "So, we searched under every board, every tarp, everything we could think of."

No sign of the 10 month old dog, and to make matters worse, a snow storm.

"We got two feet of snow that day," said Donna.

When Trixie didn't turn up, the Bradfords assumed the worst.

"We mourned. She was gone for 18 days. I was convinced she was dead. We had a couple of good snowstorms in that time," she said.

After a stretch of warmer weather the snow started to melt. Donna's daughter Katrina was visiting with her boyfriend and their dog, Diesel.

"Ethan was taking laundry out to the car and there is Diesel with Trixie," said Donna..
"I was in disbelief at first because my boyfriend was like, oh my God, look, it's Trixie," said Katrina. "I was like, what do you mean? And then I was like, oh my goodness, it's Trixie!"

"We don't know If he found her, if she found him, or if she signaled to him, but he was bringing her up the driveway licking her and happy as can be. It was the sweetest thing. We were all crying. Mom just goes, oh my God, Trixie is home," said the pair.

They say Trixie was emaciated and badly hurt.

"She had gone from 14 or 15 pounds down to 10 pounds. She hadn't eaten for 18 days," said Donna.
"Her rear leg was broken and had started to heal. Her pelvis was cracked, and she has an issue with one of her eyes."

It was touch and go for awhile and there was a thought her leg might have to be amputated, but a surgery and 13 stitches later...Trixie is on the road to recovery.

"It's a miracle. She showed up the morning before Easter. She's doing very good and Diesel's our hero," said Donna.

If you would like to help with medical expenses there is a Go Fund Me page.