Historic Biddeford City Hall clock telling time once again

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BIDDEFORD, Maine (WMTW) - The historic clock in the tower at Biddeford City Hall is telling time once again after being refurbished.

Balzer Family Clock Works restored the clock after the city received a $150,000 grant.

The City Hall clock was originally installed in the tower in the early 1900s as a weight-driven, pendulum-regulated and completely mechanical operating timepiece.

Around the 1960s, some of the mechanical components were removed and electric motors were installed to drive the remaining mechanical components for the time function and to ring the bell.

A large portion of the restoration work was to convert the electrified mechanical timepieces back to their fully mechanical operation as they were originally designed.

Many of the original mechanical components, including the pulleys, weights and pendulum bob, were missing and had to be replaced.

The Balzers also installed an automatic winding system for the weights so that staff will not have to manually wind the clock.