High-speeds at Camden Snow Bowl for Toboggan Championships

CAMDEN, Maine. (WABI)- "Your heart kind of drops and you're going so fast."

Thousands of people from all over the country gathered at the Camden Snow Bowl for the 29th annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships.

"I heard a stat of 38% are out of the state."

Teams of 2, 3, or 4 race down a wooden toboggan chute, reaching speeds of up to 40 mph.

"We have the only gravity driven, 440-foot wooden toboggan shoot and it is original from 1936. It has had two renovations but there are still pieces of wood up there dated to 1936."

Over four hundred teams registered.

"Very excited, let's do it."

Some folks have been coming to Camden and participating for years while for others it is their first time.

"A lot of the lodging establishments they have teams that come every single year. We have teams that have been coming here for twenty years."

"First time for all us going down. A little terrified but super excited. It is real icy. They are just shooting way across the lake."

Teams took a break from racing to show off their attire in a costume contest.

"They combine their name with their costume and there are some really elaborate costumes around here. Not just people putting a wig on. There is full blown, head to toe and they race in them too."

Some racers come to Maine just for this event each year.

"You get tucked in and you are holding each other's legs and you are just staring at the sky and you just wait and then the next thing you know you just feel yourself tip and then you are just holding on for the ride."

"When you first get up there it's like oh no why did I sign up for this then as soon as you are going it is just a blast."

The championships will continue into Sunday spectators can come for free.

The chute will also be open for the general public to try out starting next week.