High school student starts bugle corps

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A John Bapst High School junior has been playing Taps at military funerals for three years.

Sam Ivey gave a presentation to his classmates about his passion.

Three years ago he learned that a shortage of bugle players means sometimes instead of a live performance a loudspeaker in the bell of the instrument plays a recording.

Ivey decided he wanted to help fill that gap.

So far he has performed at 34 ceremonies using a 100 year old bugle he bought at an antique shop.
“It is very powerful. It's incredible to go to these services and see these families. It's nice knowing that I'm leaving such an impactful mark when I play Taps there."

Ivey has started a group he calls the bugle corps to train interested students and has convinced the school to buy four bugles.

His first pupil has already performed at one ceremony.