High School students in the state are about to begin taking fall classes at UMaine

ORONO, Maine (WABI) - More than 300 high school students from 120 different schools are getting a head start on their higher education at the University of Maine this fall.

"So they're able to come and explore things that range. I just talked to a student who is going to study micro economics, and another one who is taking pre-calculus. They can do somethings that might be new to them to help them think about what their future could look like through higher education," said Joan Ferrini-Mundy, President of the University of Maine.

"You know just get a good start and you know have the experience of being here and being on campus and getting to know the professors and how everything is run," Gabriel Talon of Old Town.

Orientation was held at the Orono campus, which included a guided tour where students and parents could have their questions answered.

They also had the opportunity to meet some professors and check out what they can expect from their classes.

Early college classes are tuition free and available for students at all seven University campuses.

The students here see multiple different opportunities with taking these early classes.

"Obviously really good on applications so when like the colleges see that you've done this they will be like so she's obviously dedicated to go to college. She obviously was able to take these classes and pass them, and she really wants to be able to do something in this category. So, why not take her," said Madeline Kerr of Portland.

"I saw a class I was interested in and I have an opportunity so I took it," said Elizabeth Snowman of Canaan.

UMaine also wants you to know there are still plenty of openings, but the deadline is September 3rd.

You can apply online at ExploreEC.maine.edu.