Hermon woman takes her life back one step at a time

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HERMON, Maine. (WABI) - A woman from Hermon is taking her life back on step at a time through running.

She's vowed to run five 5k’s at the age of 55.

“It's a phenomenal feeling. It truly, truly is.” Explained Karen.

Karen Bean is talking about running. We recently met Karen at the Bucksport Bridge the Gap Race. Karen's first ever and the beginning of a big goal.

“Never put on a running shoe until September.” She said after the race.

“I had a birthday in December. 55. Never done a bucket list or anything like that. I belong to a church group, a running group, TRC runners, and they convinced me I'll give it a try.” Karen continues.

Karen is now doing five 5k's while she's 55.

“I said ‘yup I'm gonna do 5 5k’s’”

She says this is a big step for her because of the medical issues she’s dealt with through her life.

“I actually was born with cerebral palsy, had two children and 1995 I did have a stroke. So battled high blood pressure, depression, a bunch of other things, and on regular day to day medications, I took 11.” Said Karen.

Two years ago, with help from her doctor, “Over a course of 7 and half months with her blessings we ditched all the medications. I take 4 little vitamins in the morning now. And just the feeling of not having that in your body and really listening to your gut and getting healthy, it made a world of difference.”

Stephanie Corriveau is a Resident Physician at EMMC and says people who want to give running a try should talk to their doctors like Karen did.

“So just for exercise I always try to tell people to start with that smaller goal. You can always work your way up. You may think about 20 to 30 minutes 4 or 5 times a week and then build up from there.” Explained Stephanie Corriveau.

Race number two went for Karen. Went off with a little cold and a little wet but with the cheers of the crowd, from her husband Doug and dog Willow she made it across that finish line once again.

“Just taking it by the horns I guess and she's really interested in running. Which she hasn't done in the past. Which she's trying to stay healthy and this was one of her goals since the first of the year. I'm very proud of her.” Said Doug.

Karen went on to say, “Great people running me in, and this is really what it's all about. Run. Do it. It's fun.”