Hermon cleaning lady accused of ring theft appears in court

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Prosecutors say the Hermon woman accused of stealing a $15,000 diamond ring tried to bargain her way out of getting arrested.

Cynthia Daigle is charged with theft for stealing that ring and other jewelry from the Bangor home she'd been hired to clean.

Police say Daigle runs Cynthia's Cleaning Service.

This was the first time she cleaned the home where the jewelry went missing.

In court Friday prosecutors say Daigle tried to pawn the ring at Day's Jewelers.

When police brought the search warrant to her home, prosecutors say Daigle tried to cut a deal with police.

Daigle's accused of asking them if they would let her go if she told them where the ring was.

She eventually did after she was arrested.

Daigle has a long history of theft and burglary.

Police urge anyone who hired Daigle and notices missing items to contact authorities.