Helping parents and kids with the transition to kindergarten

Published: Aug. 26, 2019 at 5:54 PM EDT
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New school supplies, backpacks, clothes: these are the obvious important back to school basics.

But what if you're just starting school? The list of how to get ready for school is quite a bit different if it's your very first day.

"I think it's going to be like learning and reading books," says Gavin Gladu.

Kaitlyn Allard and her son, Gavin, are getting ready for a really big day.

"My first day of school!"

Gavin is starting kindergarten this week, and like many families, there are a lot of emotions that go along with this major milestone.

"My first feelings are sadness, obviously, my baby's growing up, but I'm really excited for him."

Recently, Kaitlyn came across another mom on Facebook getting ready for her son's big day by teaching him how to eat lunch on his own.

"She was making sure that he could open everything by himself and make sure that lunch doesn't go on the table and that's he doesn't through away containers and spoons. I've never sent my kid off to kindergarten, so it was really comforting to see other moms worry as much as I do."

We stopped by 14th Street School to see how they're helping parents and students get ready for the first day. One way is a guidebook.

"In the book, you will find readiness in general for kindergarten," says Kristy Dube, kindergarten teacher

Like many teachers, Kristy Dube is preparing for her new class. She had a hand in helping put together this guidebook for parents.

Some things for parents to remember: make sure their backpack is big enough to hold everything they need but isn't too big for them to hold.

Help them by letting them practice doing things by themselves like putting jackets on, washing their hands after going to the restroom, and picking up after themselves.

And when it comes to the emotional side of it all, Mrs. Dube says it's okay to just let go and trust that will be all right.

"Truthfully, after doing this for numerous years, it's much harder for the parents than I think it is the children. That separation and that transition period will pass and truly they'll be doing amazing things here."

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