Healthy Start: Wearing the Proper Backpack

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Bangor, Maine (WABI) well, it's officially time for school. And with school, there's no better way to carry all of your kids' things and homework than with a backpack.

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Backpacks come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and even with cool designs, such as super heroes and villains.

And when backpacks are worn correctly, they can hold lots of other things as well.

However, there are problems that can arise if backpacks aren't worn properly.

Symptoms can include back paine, poor posture,injuries if tripped over or if the bag lands on your child while filled.

Here are some tips to keep your kid's backpack safe:

Use a lightweight pack with two wide, padded, shoulder straps.

The pack should have multiple compartments to evenly distribute the weight.

Lighten the load and make sure the bag's entire weight does not exceed more than10 - 15% of your child's body weight.

Pick up the bag properly by bending the knees and not picking it up with your back straight up.

Use both shoulder straps when carrying the back pack