Healthy Acadia: National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

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The holiday season opens up many opportunities to celebrate including company parties and family gatherings. This also opens up chances for people to drive under the influence. Hancock County District Attorney Matthew Foster is here as part of our Healthy Acadia segment to talk about how you should plan ahead and avoid the dangers of driving under the influence.

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While celebrating this holiday season here are some tips to Consider - Are the risks of using any substance, worth the consequences you may be placing upon yourself and others worth it?

Consult - If you are on prescription medications, consult with your physician before using alcohol, marijuana or other substances. Certain medications may be intensified or become dangerous when mixed with alcohol or other drugs, even in small amounts. Keep your prescription medications locked up and out of sight so no one else can access them.

Plan - Where are you going? Who are you going with? How are you getting home? Have the phone numbers for cabs handy. Prepare - Eat, drink water, and make sure you take just enough money to have a good time, leave your credit cards at home.

Pace - Limit how much you drink in a night, try doing "drink spacers" making every other drink a non-alcoholic one. If you're not with a designated driver, you can always phone or text a friend, family member, call a taxi, or spend the night. Please remember that there are always safe and sober alternatives available for celebrating the holiday season.