Hampden man sentenced to 43 years for killing sister-in-law

Published: Jan. 7, 2020 at 6:33 PM EST
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A Hampden man will spend 43 years in prison for shooting his sister-in-law to death.

That sentence was handed down in a Bangor courtroom Tuesday.

56-year-old Philip Clark was found guilty in November of murdering 49-year-old Renee Clark.

Assistant District Attorney Lisa Bogue says, "What the court decides today for a sentence, it can't undo what the defendant has done. It cannot bring back Renee. It cannot replace what has been lost by her children, her family members and the friends who knew and loved her."

Prosecutors went to the judge seeking 50 years in prison for the man who shot Renee Clark repeatedly until she died in July of 2018.

Bogue says, "It was a violent execution committed by a hateful, spiteful, remorseless killer who continues to blame Renee and others for his actions."

After a seven day trial in November, a jury found Philip Clark guilty of the killing.

Renee's daughter addressed the judge about her mother's killer.

She says, "People that are truly happy and healthy don't purposely hurt other people. Yes, I want Phil to go to jail forever. But, what I really want is for hm to get therapy so maybe he won't hurt others as badly as he's hurt my mom, hurt me, hurt my family and my community."

Philip Clark's sister also addressed the judge saying, "Phil has deep love for family and friends who have become like his family over the years. Most of them will tell you just as I will, that he is patient, kind hearted and generous. I am not exactly sure what caused Phil to see black but whatever came over him was far removed from the person we know he is."

Throughout his trial Philip Clark's defense never argued that he didn't kill Renee but said events leading up to the murder had pushed him over the edge.

Phlip Clark gave a statement to the judge and Renee's family saying, "There's no turning back the clock. I've done something horrible, and I expect to be punished the rest of my life for it. I'm sure I deserve it. But, I'm not a monster. I feel terrible about the horrible thing I did. I don't condone it. I am truly sorry."