Gun advocates rally in Augusta Saturday

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Hundreds of Second Amendment supporters gathered at the state house in Augusta Saturday.

The Patriotic American Citizens rally drew gun supporters to peacefully unite together in support of the Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment.

Those in attendance say they support a wide range of patriotic american values, including the President and law enforcement.

This rally came less than three weeks after hundreds of thousands marched in Washington and other cities to demand tougher gun laws after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that claimed the lives of seventeen.

However, many here say they feel like their gun rights are slowly getting chipped away and that gun owners have been portrayed in a negative way.

"The people that have died senselessly to gun violence through no fault of our own, but it still needs to be said that we have to make a change. But, we need to make a change without infringing on our rights," said Event Organizer, Tracilee Sullivan.

"It is the single most coherent reason why in the history of the United States no foreign nation has attacked this nation because the citizens of this nation were armed and will defend themselves, and we believe that is our Constitutional right, and we should have it forever," said Rocky Habeeb of Bangor.

This was just one of the many rallies being held across the country. But, unlike other capitals, the State House in Augusta is considered a gun-free zone.