Gun Rights and Gun Control Advocates Rally at State House Thursday

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) Lawmakers, educators, parents and students packed the state house Thursday morning, protesting a bill that would allow guns on school property.

People in opposition of more gun control were also there.

The Maine Gun Safety Coalition organized the protest.

Their speakers including Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, and students who say if lawmakers don't support gun control, their generation is sure to vote them out.

The bill in question only got one vote in committee Wednesday.

The Gun Owners of Maine group voiced their opposition to the rally, which devolved into a shouting match between the two sides.

"Protect kids, not guns!"
"Protect kids with guns!"

(Pearl Benjamin/Camden Hills Regional High School Student)"We didn't come here today to try to convince you that our lives are more important than your job, the gun industry, or the hobbies of weekend warriors. We've already tried that and you didn't listen. Today we are here to warn you. We are here to tell you that your time for valuing your own benefit over the lives of others is running out."

(Donnie Heald/Gun Owners of Maine)"They always go after the gun and they miss the point that it was somebody using it wrong. It was somebody prohibited that had the gun in the first place. A lot of things were missed, a lot of people didn't do what they should have done. We can go back and armchair quarterback it all day but until they're actually willing to do something about providing real security for our schools, they're missing the point.

The guns on school property bill would let people picking up or dropping off students carry a gun if it's kept locked and unloaded in the car and the owner stays in the vehicle.

The bill heads to the house now where it's expected to fail.