Group offers $1 million to veterans if President Trump goes vegan for January

A nonprofit group is offering $1 million to veterans if President Trump agrees to go vegan for January. (Source: Million Dollar Vegan)

(Gray News) - A nonprofit group working to teach people the health benefits of eating vegan has issued a challenge to President Trump, saying they will give $1 million to the veterans charity of his choice if he goes vegan for the month of January.

Million Dollar Vegan and a group of children called the “Animal Hero Kids” are using the slogan “Make America Healthy Again” and hope others will join in with the president. They say they will sign the check within one hour if the president signals his agreement on Twitter.

The group previously offered $1 million to Pope Francis if he had agreed to go vegan for lent. The campaign resulted in news articles and even the pope’s blessing, but he did not confirm he would go vegan.

The group, which has the backing of a number of medical doctors, says a plant-based diet can prevent, halt and reverse conditions like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

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