Greater Bangor Association of Realtors Makes Large Donation to Local Non-Profit

BREWER, Maine (WABI) - The Greater Bangor Association of Realtors has made a large donation to Partners for Peace.

The money was raised by the giving of local real estate agents who then chose the local non-profit because of the work it does for the community.

Partners for Peace is known for helping people in need and their goal is to end all forms of violence in the state.

Gary Jordan, President of the Greater Bangor Association of Realtors says, "Through our holiday giving party and through our friends affiliates membership, we raised a record breaking twenty thousand dollars."

Amanda Cost, Facilitative Director of Partners for Peace says, "It's going to be designated for families that come to Partners for Peace looking for assistance and getting into a safe home, which is really a hard thing to do if you are leaving an abusive situation. You're trying to reestablish yourself, trying to find the funds to help you through that process is really challenging, so this money is going to go a long way to support families."

The Greater Bangor Realtors say everyone deserves a safe and affordable home.