Governor's Bill to Promote Forest Products & Wood Manufacturing Jobs to be Reworked

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - The governor's bill to encourage the growth of forest products and wood manufacturing jobs died in committee Tuesday.

At the request of its sponsor, the Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology voted it shouldn't pass.

It would have ensured that the cost of long-term contracts for manufacturing jobs couldn't exceed the projects' costs plus a reasonable rate of return on investment...

It also would have provided credits or long-term energy contracts for energy projects providing a certain number of jobs.

"Having discussed this bill with the governor's staff, I'm requesting that when you go into work session that you vote 'ought not to pass' on it. I think you'll probably see it in a different format in another bill later in this session," said Sen. James Dill, (D) the bill's sponsor.

Dill says the bill was carried over from last session and a few issues still need to be resolved before it can be reintroduced.