Governor states she wants to make changes to reopening before Memorial Day

Florida's "Reopening Task Force" met Monday to come up with short term ways...
Florida's "Reopening Task Force" met Monday to come up with short term ways to relax measures put in place due to COVID-19. (MGN)(WJHG)
Published: May. 6, 2020 at 7:06 PM EDT
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Governor Mills says she'd like to make some changes to her reopening plan before Memorial Day.

She says her reopening plan remains flexible.

Mills and Commissioner Heather Johnson of the Department of Economic and Community Development Wednesday, addressed concerns that retailers and restaurant owners have with her plans.

Johnson says she and others have been visiting establishments around the state getting input on ways they could safely and effectively reopen their businesses.

As for retailers, Mills says she's working on relaxing those rules as well.

She says, "We are looking at evolving that. We are looking at expanding those parameters for smaller retailers across the state. I can't give you specifics yet. I wish I could, but it's something we are concerned about. Just yesterday, I talked with Curtis Picard of the Retail Maine Association, and we discussed a lot of ideas of how people can do business safely, sooner."

These statements come as some establishments have already decided to defy the governor's order, opening up any way.

Mills says she doesn't wish to see anyone prosecuted, but we must all do our part to keep others safe.