Governor responds to lawmaker's complaints of being left out of decision making

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 6:51 PM EDT
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Governor Mills says she will not let partisan politics draw lines when the state is dealing with a pandemic.

She made that statement Wednesday after lawmakers have complained they have been left out of her decision making when it comes to reopening Maine.

State leaders on both sides of the aisle that we spoke with last week say the governor has not involved them in that effort.

Republican party leaders say she has acted alone offering them only a suggestion box.

Democratic Senate President Troy Jackson sent a letter to the governor asking her to create a COVID-19 response task force.

He says this would bring several different stake holders to the table to work through ideas on a more thorough reopening plan.

Governor Mills responded to that at the CDC briefing saying, "We remain in a state of civil emergency in an ideal world, and a "normal world," I'd be happy to set up committees to do a lot of different things. But this is an emergency state and we are making decisions as best we can with as much input as we can from all sources based on the public health needs of the hour and the day in the moment."

Governor Mills did announce Wednesday the creation on an Economic Recovery Committee that will study the long term impacts of the coronavirus on our state.

The committee will take public input.

An initial report is due in July with a final report set for December.

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