Gov. Mills announces $126 million supplemental budget proposal

Published: Feb. 3, 2020 at 6:32 PM EST
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Governor Mills Monday released her highly-anticipated supplemental budget Monday. It adds more than $126.6 million in net appropriations to the overall budget.

Mills proposes adding 20 Department of Health and Human Services positions aimed at stopping child abuse and 14 positions to the Maine State Police.

It would also put $20 million in the Rainy Day fund and create bond packages for broadband and roads.

"This supplemental budget is balanced," said Mills. "It does not create new programs. It takes care that one-time monies are used to fulfill our obligation to fund schools, child welfare and public safety with existing programs."

Republicans, however, say there needs to be more money in the budget for roads and nursing homes, and that this level of spending is unsustainable.

"When you have revenue surpluses, one of the things you can do is provide a tax cut to the people of Maine," said Assistant House Republican Leader Trey Stewart, R-Presque Isle. "And I think that a lot of folks would appreciate seeing that because they're working hard, the economy's going well, everybody's out there scraping to put more food on the table and bring more home, but the government isn't helping them at all. We're just pocketing more and lining up future tax increases."

The Legislature is now tasked with looking through the budget and making any amendments they see fit prior to voting on it.