Good Shepherd Food Bank receives donation from Maine credit unions

HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) - Helping all Mainers who face food insecurity.

It's the mission behind the Maine Credit Unions' campaign for ending hunger.

Monday they announced a new partnership with the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

It includes a $100,000 commitment to help the non-profit renovate and expand its new facility in Hampden.

"Good Shepherd really is the hub of a network of over 400 partners around the state and they also give significant financial support to all of our partners because without that the food, we could get the food in this warehouse and it would sit here, so their investment in all those community-based programs is also incredibly important to our work," says Kristen Miale, President of the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

"One of the bigger problems is access to food, so coming out to this area will increase the access into those rural communities where people need it the most," says Todd Mason, President of the Maine Credit Union League.

We're told when the Hampden center is completed they'll be able distribute 13-million pounds of food a year.

It includes healthy, fresh food from Maine farmers.

The new center will also make it easier for good shepherd to reach out to folks in northern Maine and Downeast.