Good Samaritan returns thousands of dollars to owner

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 5:18 PM EST
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A heartwarming story of a man returning what was lost.

Raynard Grover lives here in Augusta.

While on his way home from a doctors appointment, driving here on Old Belgrade Road he thought he saw something here on the center yellow lines. What he thought was debris turned out to be something else.

"The closer I got you could tell it was either a stack of money or a checkbook," said Grover.

The bag Raynard came across contained nearly $10,000 in cash.

"What was your reaction when you opened the bag up and saw all those 100's? Oh anxiety, panic, I was freaking, Ive never held that much money in my life. I thought about keeping it, but once I saw a name to it and with good faith and conscience I couldn't keep it. I wouldn't want that to happen to me in life, to lose that much money," said Grover.

So Grover called Augusta police to report the missing money.

"This is the season right of giving and it's Christmas and everything going on but that somebody would come into that much money and turn that into the police department is pretty special," said Augusta Police Chief Jared Mills.

That's when the money was returned and the full story came to light.

Randy Violette, the Owner of Power Equipment Plus in Sidney, was bringing the cash to the bank.

"I set the deposit from the previous day on my bumper in the car. Went across the street got the newspaper, jumped in my truck and totally forgot that it was on the front, resting in the front bumper. I thought we were out roughly about $10,000 in cash. I can't thank the gentleman enough who found it and returned it," said Violette.

"It's empowering it really is, it's almost like I got an early Christmas gift," said Grover.