Good Morning Project being offered in Old Town for seniors and adults with disabilities

OLD TOWN, Maine (WABI) - The Old Town Police Department has adopted the Good Morning Project.

This free program is being offered to seniors, 60 and above, and adults with disabilities.

Each day, a volunteer will call those who have signed up for the program and check on their well being.

If they don't pick up the phone, an officer will be sent out to check on them.

The program requires an application to be completed.

You can have an application dropped off at your home, or you can pick one up at the station.

"We felt that it was important that Old Town adopt this program and get on board and reach out to these folks. Sometimes we are the only voice and the only person they talk to in the course of a day. so one is to check in on them and two is to be that soft-spoken, nice voice that they get to talk to in the course of their day."

Volunteers are needed to make phone calls each day to members of the program.

To sign up, call the Old Town Police Department.