Goats on the UMaine campus help students relax before exams

Published: May. 8, 2018 at 4:30 PM EDT
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College students are in the middle of final exams, wrapping up their semesters, and that can be stressful.

Staff at UMaine brought goats to campus to cheer students up, and that they did.

There was a line of eager students waiting to get up close with the sweet goats.

Therapy dogs have always been a big hit, but there is a growing trend surrounding goats and campus staff say they couldn't ignore it.

Brittney Smith, Assit. Director of Student Activities says, "Goats are so popular. They are viral. They're everywhere all over the internet. Mental health is obviously a huge topic on college campuses right now and so, we just think it's really important to have outlets for students to just enjoy and we know that animals are the key to that."

Abby Schofield, Goat Owner says, "Goats are a very charming animal. They are mischievous. They are fun. They're more like a dog than probably any other livestock, like sheep or pigs. They are very intelligent and you can't help but smile when you watch them play."

To all the students taking exams this week we just want to say, you "goat" this!