Glenburn residents told town legally can't help with impassable road

GLENBURN, Maine (WABI) - A heated debate over a stretch of road in Glenburn continued Thursday night.

A portion of Outer Ohio Street became impassable at times this spring.

The people that live on it, or on streets that connect to it, want help.

Thursday at the Glenburn Town Council meeting, the town's lawyer informed the residents that had gathered that because of the way the road in question is classified - the town legally can not spend money to maintain it.

Residents were able to voice their opinions, and ask questions.

They tell TV5 they are not out of options.

"Consider giving us a tax break," Glenburn resident Stacy Raymond implored the council. "Give us a break. We are normal people. We are normal people who work hard for our money we don't have millions of dollars to fix that road."

"Try to get a petition going for an easement that means that we can no longer say we cannot spend money," advised councilor John Caruso Jr.. "It does not mean we have to, but, we can no longer say that anymore. That's the only advice I can give you."

"I feel like I am even more frustrated then when I came," said resident Casey Danforth. "I expected that after three weeks that they would have some clear answers for our questions. They really did not answer any of our questions and for them to think that we are going to take their lawyers word over what he assumes the town is... When he couldn't even clearly tell us, isn't going to happen. We are either going to have to petition them to take the road over or we are going to have to sue the town."

A possible petition was discussed by the council, as well as the forming of a road association to maintain the road - at a cost to residents.

The council chair said councilors would discuss the matter and it would be on an agenda in the near future.