Ghosts of Carmel- Part 2

Published: Oct. 30, 2019 at 5:00 PM EDT
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A man from Carmel says he's encountered plenty of paranormal activity in his home in over the last few years.

Kent Burris has lived there since 2014.

He's a paranormal investigator who's using his findings to help others.

Kent Burris has taken it upon himself to share his findings with the world through his YouTube channel, "Ghosts of Carmel Maine."

He has thousands of subscribers.

And word has gotten around town about his investigations.

Just recently he did one involving a 16-year-old boy who died in a car crash in November of 2011.

We sat down with the boy's mother who says she was able to find comfort in hearing his voice once again.

"I would give anything for him to just give me a hug or hear his voice..."

This is Kathy Picken talking to TV5 just months after her son Jimmy and his soon to be step-brother died in a car crash on Irish Road in Carmel.

Police say the 16-year-old died at the scene.

Speed is believed to be a factor.

Now coming up on the eighth year anniversary of his death, Kathy, is able to hear his voice once again thanks to Kent Burris - paranormal investigator turned YouTuber.

The two met for the first time just recently after Kathy had seen a video Kent had done on Jimmy.

Kathy says she was skeptical at first, but she knew she had to witness this activity in person. She went over to the lamb house in Carmel the next day to speak with Kent.

"We talked a little bit and had the boxes going, whatever. He said , "if you're here, what's your name?" He said, "Tate." It caught me off guard because we called him "Tator tot." So, it was like he is really here. He kept saying, "I'm fine mom."

This is where the accident took place. Kathy has been out here multiple times to speak with Jimmy in hopes of finding closure.

This is video captured by Kent of the two of them at the crash site.

Here's what happens when Kathy speaks:

Kathy: "I love you Jimmy."

Jimmy: "I love you Mom."

"Just to hear those words from him one more time. He said it before he left the house but it was just an ordinary, "Love you mom. Bye," type of thing. But, this was, "I love you mom." I'll cherish that forever," said Picken. "People can believe me or not believe me but, it's what I feel inside."

"That's what keeps me going is the amazement of these encounters. You heard Jimmy say, "I love you mom." You knew Jimmy and that was Jimmy's voice. I never met Jimmy. I don't know. I've heard recordings of him from what his mother showed me after the fact but, that was amazing," said Burris.

Kathy and Kent believe there is more after this life, and that gives them a sense of hope.

"Even if it's in a bad way or good way, there's more to life than just, they're gone and you won't ever hear or see from them again," said Picken.

"I want people to see these investigations and what's captured and what these spirits say to understand that there is an after life and when we die, it does not end at the grave," Burris explained. "We continue on. We're just in a different realm. I believe that in their realm that's their physical realm. It's a spiritual realm to us but to them it's a physical realm. It's a complicated way to try to explain this because there is a lot we don't know about the spirit realm. I'm only scratching the service studying this activity."

While there are still plenty of questions to be answered, Kathy believes she and Jimmy have found peace.

"From what I've been told he kind of had amends to make. I'm not sure that makes sense to other people but it makes sense to me and, he said, "I'm sorry" in his own ways, and now he can be free. So, I don't have to go back there to see him again. I know that his spirit is where it needs to be," said Picken.

You can see the full investigation Kent did on Jimmy on his YouTube channel, "Ghosts of Carmel Maine."