Ghosts of Carmel- Part 1

Published: Oct. 30, 2019 at 4:23 PM EDT
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There are many shows and movies out there claiming that paranormal activity is real.

A man in Carmel says he’s encountered plenty of it over the last few years in his own home.

Kent Burris has lived in Carmel since 2014. He and his family are renting a home known as “The Lamb House.”

Ever since moving to Maine, Kent says his encounters with the paranormal have become more frequent.

He’s taken it upon himself to investigate these things he’s seeing and hearing, and he’s sharing it with the world.

"The longer we were living in this house, the more I noticed a lot of strange events such as, I am upstairs in my room watching something, and I hear noises down here, doors closing, and I hear talking,” explained Kent Burris, founder of “Ghosts of Carmel Maine. “I'm thinking, okay, well family's come home, so I go down the steps and there's nobody in the house."

Kent Burris never wanted to believe in the paranormal.

"Believe it or not, I am a skeptic,” explained Burris. “For me to believe something is paranormal, they need to prove it to me that this is paranormal related."

But, ever since he moved into this home, he say he’s heard multiple spirits and encountered plenty of strange activity.

"The more investigations I did, the stronger the activity became,” said Burris.

He’s even invited paranormal investigators into the home.

"Their equipment immediately was affected,” Burris said. “They had EMF meters, K2 meters, and that's the first thing they said, well there's something here."

Kent describes Carmel as one of the most haunted places in the country. He's said he's seen it all here in his own home from apparitions to disembodied voices.

"A lot of people say that ghosts aren't real, they're all demonic spirits. And, that's what I believed, but after doing some research in this and investigating this for myself, and also searching some scriptures out in the Bible about what the Bible says about spirits, I've learned that there are demonic spirits out there. There are angelic spirits out there, but there's also humanoid spirits,” said Burris. "Some of them even said, "pray to God." Some of them mentioned Jesus. Some of them say they're stuck, pray for me. And, there's just certain things they say that you have no doubt no demonic spirit is going to say that. No demonic spirit is going to encourage anybody to pray to God or get right with God. That's just not going to happen."

Kent believes these spirits want their voices heard by the living, and they want us to know what happened to them.

The paranormal investigators aren’t the only ones who have experienced activity.

His granddaughter Cailey Coolidge has heard disembodied voices, too.

"It's sort of weird, but I can hear them. Like the disembodied ones, they give actual information. It's very weird. They're sort of telling you their backstory,” said Coolidge.

While we were there Kent started an investigation in an upstairs bedroom. Here’s what happened when Kent announced I was in the room:

Kent "Alyssa's here."

Voice "Hey Alyssa."

Kent "Hey Alyssa. He just said, "Hey, Alyssa."

You can hear many other encounters on Kent’s YouTube Page “Ghosts of Carmel Maine.”

He currently has over 90,000 subscribers, but don’t think he’s letting that go to his head.

"I don't monetize the YouTube channel,” said Burris. “I don't ask for money because to me this would destroy the credibility of what I'm trying to show people here, if that makes any sense at all. “You can't do something for money or popularity because the spirits know better. They know your intent. They know a lot more about you than what you think, and I learned that the hard way."

Kent does not use any special effects in his videos.