Get lost in a sea of thousands of sunflowers at Bradford maze

BRADFORD, Maine (WABI) - There's no doubt a sea of sunflowers is a thing of beauty.

Walking through a field of thousands is an experience.

One a Bradford family is providing for visitors.

We stopped by today to get a look inside the Sunflower Maze at Country Junction.

Here at the farm, two things immediately ring true.

Family is everything.

"It's all about the family," says Sally Smith.

And, there's true beauty growing in this world.

"We've always enjoyed the corn mazes. We just thought the sunflowers would be prettier."

The Smith family moved here from Alaska in the 70s. Nicole Smith says the family has taken on many new ventures since then from pumpkins, to dairy, to hay, and now they've turned to something new.

"Sunflowers just came to us."

And not just a field. They decided to let people get a little lost inside a maze of them.

"I know that there's different places that have sunflower fields, but I've never heard of a sunflower maze," says Nicole Smith.

So, they decided to plant the tall blossoms, and what's come up has been nothing short of extraordinary. When you walk through the maze, you're surrounded by 30,000 sunflowers of all shapes and sizes.

"It's pretty amazing. Everybody that's come has been like, we can't believe how pretty it is. We've had people stop on the side of the road, taking pictures every day multiple times. The cars lined up on the side of the road at sunset. It's unbelievable," says Nicole Smith.

Really, it's no surprise their sunflowers were a success when you look at the beautiful family they've already grown and are still raising.

"I'm really proud of how I was raised and how they have worked so hard to get the farm and me where I am, and they are just so kind and loving towards me," says Nicole's daughter, Sally-Jo Smith.

They're open on weekends and various times throughout the week. There's a list of times and more information at their Sun Flower Maze at Country Junction Facebook page.