Fright at the Fort returns for 20th year of horror

PROSPECT, Maine (WABI) - A Halloween favorite is back.

"Some of the ones from the last 20 years; the chainsaw guys, the clowns, the horse girls, those are regulars. But otherwise, most of this is a medley of all the zombies and the aliens and the bugs,” explained Dean Martin of Friends of Fort Knox.

Fright at the Fort at Fort Knox in Prospect returns again.

This year, Friends of Fort Knox is celebrating 20 years of terror.

"Some themes, I have bumper stickers and posters still to relate to, and then, all the props that still exist,” said Martin.

That means your favorite zombies, monsters, aliens, and other past scares will be there.

Guests will be taken through the terrifying corridors and encounter plenty of creepy creatures.

"It's dark and spooky,” said Martin. “There's wind. There's noises that happen all by itself, and then you add the element of whatever is behind here. This is one of the best places right here because you know something is going to hit you, and you don't know when it's going to happen."

While this may not be a Hollywood production, there are still parts that are bound to give you nightmares.

"The corn maze used to be a u-shaped maze. Now, it's really winding. It's got black light. The smoke is a really cool effect for over the top, too. This is going to be completely covered over with smoke. All the daylight will be gone,” Martin explained.

This is just a preview of what you'll see during Fright at the Fort since we don't want to give away all their secrets.

It's important to note the reason behind this spooky attraction that's run solely by volunteers.

Their goal is to use this event to keep things up and running for future visitors.

Over 10,000 people are expected to attend Fright at the Fort over five nights. Every single dollar made will go back into upkeep here at the Fort.

"We would lose this fort if we didn't do things like this that raise money and awareness,” Martin explained. “We try to get people to come and enjoy this fort so that they can come back another time. We're a non-profit.
We're not trying to make money. Seriously, we try to make money to put back into the fort to save it. If you think your house is expensive to maintain, this is really, really expensive."

Fright at the Fort begins Saturday.

You can skip the long line and buy your tickets in advance at