Ellsworth symposium brings awareness to electric cars in Maine

ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) - The future of electric cars has begun here in Maine.

A symposium held in Ellsworth helped learn about the basics of owning an electric car.

"We're trying to raise a little more awareness amongst not only individual community members and municipalities, but also dealerships," said Dennis Kiley of "A Climate to Thrive."

Electric cars are here, and as technology improves, many are coming with more range and less cost.

Some say, they are the wave of the future.

"As those models become more available and the price continues to drop on them, I think more and more people are going to find them really appealing," explained Benjamin Lake of the Greater Portland Council of Governments.

An Electric Car Symposium allowed the public to learn from the experts Saturday.

"The Future is Here" was sponsored by A Climate to Thrive who seeks to make MDI energy dependent by 2030.

Dennis Kiley serves on the board of directors.

"I think we want to generate some community and passion and interest for people to see that this is a whole movement that has a lot of benefits that everyone can get," said Kiley.

As many major car manufacturers make the shift from combustible engines, some are introducing a wide range of electric cars, including SUV's and pickup trucks.

Sue Ely of the Natural Resources Council of Maine says she does not own one herself, but is looking to make the switch.

"I would be saving an enormous amount of carbon emissions, as well as gas money, and maintenance costs," explained Ely. "So, I should get an electric vehicle."

Two breakout sessions, one on all things electric cars, and the other on charging infrastructure provided opportunity for those in attendance to ask questions, and even take a ride in one themselves.

For those on the fence about all electric transportation, the experts say to do your research.

"Not all models are for everyone, and we definitely want people to pick something that's going to make sense for them," said Lake.