Lots of fun and sun forecasted for 67th annual Pittston Fair

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PITTSTON, Maine (WABI) - The 67th annual Pittston Fair kicked off Thursday.

"Maine's Friendliest Fair" is not only expecting thousands of people, but also beautiful weather.

"If they come out this weekend, to me it's like a breath of fresh air," said Pittston Fair Secretary Kimberly Alley-Pelletier. "We're all just kind of community people getting together. A lot of the local town people come, and it's something they look forward to every year."

Folks in Pittston are ready for the annual tradition.

"The weather is going to be absolutely fantastic," said volunteer Hope Ricker. "We have something for everyone, from a fry-pan toss to horse pulling to bike giveaways. We have something that everybody can enjoy."

People come from all over to compete in the steer and oxen pulls.

"We do have a kids' class," said Ricker. "The kids' class, the cattle have to weigh under 1,200 pounds, and the child has to be 16 years or under. We want to give the kids a chance to start so they'll carry on the tradition of the steer and oxen pulling."

One of those competing is Connor Halacy.

"I pulled for, I think this is my fourth year," said Halacy. "I've been pulling these ones, and this one has never been in a fair, and he has, but this is the first time I'm pulling this pair."

The fair is very kid friendly with rides, food, and Friday night fireworks.

And the kids' favorite parts?

"My favorite part of the fair is the cotton candy," said Blake.
"My favorite part of the fair is pulling cause I pull here," said Levi.
"My favorite part is when I get to take care of the cows," said Ruthann.

The fair wraps up on Sunday with a demolition derby at 1:00p.m. and a pig scramble at 5:30p.m.