From employees to owners, Rock City in Rockland gains new ownership

Published: Mar. 15, 2018 at 7:03 PM EDT
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Co-founder Susanne Ward said, "I think they will have the same experience here, except now-there are 17 pairs of eyes watching what's going on."

A ribbon cutting was held in Rockland, Thursday to signify a big change at Rock City.

Co-founder Susanne Ward created the opportunity for her business to become an employee co-op.

"It's Rock City Employee Incorporated now. We actually made the transition last Friday, so we are all really excited about it. After 25 1/2 years as a sole owner, I am now one of 17," said Ward.

You heard that right-17 owners in one building.

But, for employee Ryan Jackson, he said sharing the experience with others shouldn't be an issue.

Jackson said, "We work so well together as an ensemble. As a family, and we just want take those baby steps together, find what's in the best interest for the business."

A decision nearly four years in the making, Ward said it stems from her plan to leave the business.

"I am going to be retiring in a year, and i just want to make sure the business was in the hands of a group of people who could really do justice to it and take it to its next level," said Ward.

She's excited for what the future holds, hoping the business will grow and maintain its integrity.

Ward explained,"I would love to see it expand outside of Rockland, but if all they do is maintain it as a place that is loved place that is in town, I'd be happy with that."