From Bangor to India during the outbreak

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Husson University students were on spring break in March when they heard the news the campus was switching to remote learning.

In a matter of days, Steve Densil managed to move his dorm belongings into storage and book a flight back home to India.

Densil shares his experiences with Joy Hollowell including why his part of the country is now claiming they've flattened the coronavirus curve.

"My state has around 34.5 million people and Kerala has seen a recovery rate of around 94%."

Steve Densil lives in Kerala, located in the southern coast of India. The first reported case of coronavirus was in his state, reportedly a student visiting home from Wuhan.

"The state government set up a response team as soon as the first case was found," explains Densi, speaking via Zoom from India. "They've been proactive during this whole episode."

In the U.S., those arriving from another state or another country must quarantine for two weeks.

In India-

"People who traveled, including myself, had to stay home for 28 days without leaving the premises," Densil says.

Most of the country is in lockdown and has been since late March. Law enforcement is stepping in to make sure the orders are followed.

"They had police patrolling in every junction to make sure that people weren't stepping outside," says Densil.

Those that do are given fines, according to Densil. Police are also seizing vehicles not being used for essential travel.

"They set up testing stations in a district level and a local level," explains Densil, "and this was followed by an intense tracing of people."

in kerala, all of this is translating to much lower cases than the rest of India. The latest reports show 630 confirmed cases and just four who died from it, this for a state with a population about the same as Canada.

Densil is hopeful he will be able to return to Husson in the fall.

Densil is going to be a senior in the fall. He's majoring in Live Sound Technology at the New England School of Communications.

Before the pandemic, Denisil was going to stay in the U.S. over the summer to participate in an internship.