Free small business workshops offered in Bangor

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - There’s a statewide program offering free classes for people thinking of starting a business.

At New Ventures Maine, they're providing support and more.

"We strive to help people build security for themselves and their families," SarahJoy Chaples, Regional Manager of New Ventures Maine, said.

That's the goal for everyone who walks through the doors at New Ventures Maine.

Security and success.

Chaples, said "The really important thing that we do for people is to give them a framework."

Regional Manager says the business planning classes are all about helping people take their idea and get it off the ground and running.

"This is a get your feet wet and know that you're making the right decision about your life," explained SarahJoy Chaples.

That's what New Ventures Maine has been doing for the last 40 years. SarahJoy Chaples said, "It's a safe place for people to learn about themselves and what they can do to be successful.

They've been helping people with things like business plans regardless of their background.

"We have had people who have dropped out of high school,” SarahJoy Chaples added. “We have people who have graduate-level degrees. And the really great thing is they come to this space and they find out they're really in the same place. They really have a place of commonality, and they really can learn from each other."

The free business class begins next week.

There are still spots available.

Here at New Ventures Maine, there really are options for everybody. Tessa Winship, explained, "I think it's excellent. It's free and open to the public. I focus on the students, so it's open to the students, too. We have so many areas we cover."

Like your own personal budget.

"This is for anyone in the general public who is interested in learning more about how they can manage their own money as well as career exploration and looking at a job change," Tom Grogan said.

For SarahJoy and her team, helping people for free and providing them with continued support has been a rewarding venture.

Brian Chaples, added. "I think it's nice because she's giving what she got to other people."

"That's very exciting for me to know that I'm contributing to their success, and it has a ripple effect on their family and the community,” SarahJoy Chaples said.

They have six locations around the state including Bangor on the UMA campus.