Free lunches, online STEM activities offered by new state wide initiative

Published: Jul. 10, 2020 at 3:39 PM EDT
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Two Maine organizations have teamed up to offer kids free lunches, exercise, and online STEM activities.

The Rev Up The Fun Initiative, which launches next week, will offer free healthy lunches at four sites around Maine, including Brewer.

They will also provide fun ways online for kids to get outside and exercise this summer as well as science and math activities to keep kid's minds active.

One of the goals of this new initiative is to also teach kids about environmental science and ways to make a positive impact.

"They can take action in a day to day basis. For example, this checklist here, we have turn off the lights when leaving a room or unplug chargers once devices are powered up. So, really tangible actions that we can all take on a day to day basis that we hope will help reduce costs of energy bills as well as help the planet," said Tabitha Boze, an Energy Education Specialist.

The program expects to serve upwards of 40,000 Maine families this summer.

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