Fournier's Family Testifies In Murder Trial

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The murder trial of Phillip Scott Fournier continues.

He's accused of killing 16-year-old Joyce McLain in the summer of 1980.

Her battered body was found behind Schenk High School.

Friday testimony about a church confession Fournier made to Pastor Vinal Thomas in May of 1981.

Thomas testified Friday.

Fournier's mother and stepfather, Anita and Wayne Powers, both took the stand as well.

His father saying earlier the day, McLain went missing his stepson was talking about her family even saying he was going to quit smoking and take up jogging.

Later, they both testified Fournier confessed to them at the church with Pastor Thomas present.

His mother saying his first words were "I did it...I killed Joyce."

Later adding "Mama, I'm very, very sorry. I didn't mean to and he said over and over while sobbing, "I'm so sorry."

Pastor Thomas said the next day, at Fournier's mother's request, he drove Fournier to the Bangor Police Department.

Thomas says it was because she was afraid the people in town would "lynch him."

But, she testified Thomas suggested it saying she felt "uncomfortable with it."

She was surprised when he came back from the police department and told her after speaking to officers he didn't do it.

His defense team has said from the start the brain injury he sustained when he stole and crashed an oil truck the night Joyce went missing is a factor in Fournier's varying stories of what happened that night.

"People with traumatic brain injuries are cognitively impaired. They say and do things that don't make any sense. Traumatic brain injury patients, they don't think rationally and our expert will explain how dramatic injury patients get things all confused and mixed up and we think that's what's been going on here," says Jeff Silverstein, his defense attorney.

We also heard from a former co-worker of Fournier's who talked about the first time he met him in 1989.

John Deroche was working as a custodian at Husson.

He testified Fournier told him, "I killed her. I knew all about it," says he asked him how he did it and he told him, "I hit her in the back of the head with a glass insulator."

He said this was a conversation he had the first time he met Fournier.

Deroche saying he asked him where he was from.

This was when Deroche asked if he knew about Joyce McLain.

He said he asked Fournier how he hadn't been arrested and Fournier said he "beat," the 20 times or more he was interviewed by police.