Four Protestors Arrested at Central Maine Power

Published: Jan. 29, 2018 at 6:27 PM EST
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Four people were arrested for criminal trespass after a planned protest event at Central Maine Power Monday.

Demonstrators tried to enter the facility after being told they were not allowed inside.

They were arrested after several attempts by police to get them to leave.

Protestors say they were there to shine a light on CMP's lobbying to undermine solar power in Maine.

They carried signs and sang songs before trying to enter the building.

They repeatedly asked to speak wit a CMP representative but were denied.

The demonstrators say the company is penalizing people who have solar power but CMP says it's all for solar power.

Gail Rice, spokesperson for CMP says, "Certainly the solar customers should get fair compensation for the excess energy that they put on the grid. We're absolutely in favor of them getting fair compensation for that, however they need to pay their fair share towards the grid operation and maintenance, the delivery portion of people's bills and that's the part that we're most concerned about."

Protestor Mike White says, "CMP comes up with these phony arguments saying that poor people are going to be hurt by rich people putting solar on their roof, which is a bunch of nonsense. Solar benefits everybody and it lowers the rates for everybody."

It is unknown if those arrested will be charged.