Former teacher convicted of sexual assault asking for a new trial

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ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) - A former teacher and from Tremont who was convicted of sexual assault wants a new trial.

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Court documents say 49-year old Ben Hodgdon claims the prosecution and police did not do their jobs.

He also says a witness was tampered with.

His lawyer met with a judge in Hancock County court in Ellsworth Wednesday.

Hodgdon used to teach and coach at Tremont Consolidated School.

He was found guilty of sexually abusing a minor.

It happened in 1999 when the student was thirteen and on a team Hodgden coached.

Last year, the Maine Supreme Court upheld the conviction.

Hodgdon's family and friends were at the courthouse Wednesday showing support for a new hearing.

"We've been quiet for five years and we've tried to be tactful and diplomatic," said Ben's wife, Hilary. "It's just come to a point now where we need to speak and he needs to speak, and you know, let things fall where they will."

"We sat in a courtroom for four days and we know exactly what took place in that courtroom," said Ben's brother, William Hodgdon. "Most people do not and justice was not served in that courtroom, by any stretch."

Hodgdon's attorney declined to comment Wednesday.