Former Newport lawyer wanted for allegedly stealing from clients, reportedly living in Canada

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A Bangor judge issued an arrest warrant for a former Newport lawyer who didn't show up for court Thursday.

Attorneys say Dale Thistle is currently living in Quebec City.

He's accused of stealing money from clients.

The state says Thistle never turned over $250,000 owed to a victim's family after a wrongful death settlement.

Assistant Attorney General Leanne Robbin says Thistle was entitled to about a third of it, but kept all of it.

She says his license was surrendered back in 2014 after he was in car accident.

"He was apparently not managing the practice as he should. Our evidence indicates that he was in fact, stealing client funds, and this is why this is an indictment, and why it's not just enough to take his license, we need to bring a criminal prosecution to vett," said Robbin.

Robbin says they are looking into ways to send Thistle back to Maine.

The judge set bail at $50,000 should he be taken into custody.