Former Maine resident tells story of recovery at BARN

BREWER, Maine (WABI) - An inspirational story of the long road to recovery told in Brewer Thursday night.

Chris Poulos is orginally from Maine. He is currently the Executive Director of the Washington State Re-Entry Council.

Chris told his story to folks at the Bangor Area Recovery Network.

He was an addict. He went to prison for drug trafficking. He got clean and changed his path.

Along his journey he volunteered in the Obama White House and got his law degree.

He said when he speaks at events like this he tries to let people know it's never too early, or too late to turn things around.

"Try to provide a blueprint of how it's possible to get well," he said. "Including access to safe reliable housing. Access to employment, access to treatment, education is a huge way to reduce addiction and incarceration as well."

The event was organized by local officials including Brewer's Mayor Jerry Goss and Bangor City Council Chair Ben Sprague.